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Auto Complete Online Package

Unlimited access to online theory courses for a month
This theory course can be followed Live via Zoom with your mobile or PC. A theory teacher explains the theory to you and together we practice with practice questions. You have the opportunity to ask questions. You can choose to take it all in one day, or split it into short parts.

There are courses daily. You get unlimited access to all these courses for a month.

Monthly unlimited access to online practice questions and exams
You get one month access to the Lens Media exam platform. This is the best platform in the Netherlands, with no less than 3250 practice questions in 50 unique exams.

Unlimited access to exam training for a month (warming up for CBR exam)
During the Exam Training we tell you all possible questions and answers of the CBR theory exam. Tip: Go straight to the CBR with all the answers in your memory.

Unlimited acces to AppsWith the help of the priority app you practice different traffic situations. Within the app you will find random intersections. You indicate the order in which road users may proceed.

Within the traffic signs app you will find all traffic signs, sorted by category.

Success guarantee
If you have passed 7 of the last 10 exams taken during the online exams and you fail the CBR Exam, you will receive your full purchase amount back.

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